To improve your garden beyond adding a random plant here or there you might need more thought, planning and experience than most people have. Gardens are all very different and personal but to make the most of your garden it helps to have a good structure in place to build on and a plan to follow. Our garden design studio can help you create a beautiful and practical garden which you can enjoy for years to come.

We know that redesigning your garden is exciting but can also a bit chaotic when it comes to the build and we try to make this process as smooth as possible by using our experience, knowledge and technical skills to find solutions which will suit your garden.

We also take on commercial planting plan projects at new redevelopment sites where developers are keen to enhance ecology and wildlife diversity and to keep local wildlife habitats.

Our studio will provide a wide range of services for your garden an we consider all projects from small to large and will travel all over the south east of England. Please contact us if you are interested in a initial consultation.

With a background in 3D design Sara Ekstrand has combined with her love for gardening and Art & Design into a garden design practice, to create gardens to be admired for a wide range of clients. The designs draw on the Swedish heritage with clean lines and simplicity at the core. 



Design Process

The garden design process is divided into stages which we'll try to explain a bit about here.


The initial free consultation

This is a chance for us to look at your garden and discuss the requirements and problems you may have in your garden. We will have a relaxed talk about different styles and likes and dislikes you may have so we can get a good idea of how you would like your garden to look. We may also discuss budget at this point. Depending on what you want it is always good to have a contingency in case we unearth something not budgeted for in your garden.


Quote and go ahead

After the meeting we will send you a quote for our plans and specify what this includes. We will send you a brief of what we discussed for you to reflect on and change if needed until you are happy that's what you would like for your garden. It is very important that this is clear to so that we are working towards the same end result.



When you have given us the go ahead for the design a survey can be done. It includes recording everything in your garden, including trees & plants to keep, flower beds, patios, driveways, boundaries and house. This is necessary so we can design your garden accurately and retain details you want to keep. We will come along at a scheduled time to take survey of your garden. If the garden is very large or has lots of different levels it might require a surveying company to do the surveying, which we will arrange at a convenient time.


Second consultation

After the survey has been drawn up we can start to do sketches and research which we will relay to you in this second consultation. You will get a visual presentation of the plans we have for your garden with possible material samples and mood boards to make our vision clearer. We can discuss the layout and if there are any changes you would like to make.

Drawing plans

From sketches and feedback from you, we will produce the required drawings and other supporting material needed for the project. This might include samples of the paving, gravel or other landscaping details.


Presentation of Master plan

We will have an informal meeting and your new plans for the garden will be presented and explained to you in detail with supporting materials. I will walk you through the drawings an try to paint a picture of how your garden will look and work for you.


Construction plans

When you are satisfied with the Master plan we will produce the technical drawings and construction plans needed for the garden build to run smoothly.


Planting plan

A Planting plan will be produced to tie in with the mood boards produced for the garden. Plant schedules with quantities will also be produced to be sent off to Plant suppliers for quotation. 



We work with a range of experienced landscapers to different budgets and finishes depending on our clients needs. We will work with the landscaper to create a time schedule which works for you and liaise through out the build to ensure a smooth completion.



When the hard landscaping have been done we can complete the build by planting up the garden. Ordering plants, receiving the delivery on site, putting them out in their right position and planting them.


Finished garden

Now it's time for you to enjoy your new garden!